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About this file

Previously at All 350 of their, Teachers Report Assistant  comment files are now in our free report card comment bank. You can import them into our free report writer.

New! Type she, he, him etc directly into our free online report maker. It changes pronouns to codes as you type. It also has a Thesaurus, an Ooops! Detective, and a pronoun toggle feature which switches between name and she/he with a single click.

How to use

Import into School Report Writer (free to individual teachers):
(1) click text box below-right then use [CTRL]+[A] to select all
(2) copy [CTRL]+[C]
(3) paste [CTRL]+[V] into, Import by copy-&-pasting box on, Import/Save/Share page.
TOP TIP: You can also paste 20 comments straight into the, My comment bank page.

Australian teachers can also use Quick Vic and Accelerus Australian curriculum
report comments
in our free online report writer.  Accelerus gender codes are converted automatically when
you paste into the comment bank editor.  Comments from, Teachers Report Assistant and Report Comment
can also be used.  Aussie Educator recommends School Report Writer.

Report writer Demo ***** 4.7/5 - 135 reviews (Google, TES).

Codes used:

Codes in this file are in,
Teachers Report Assistant  format:

# = Name, ^ = she/he, ~ = his/her, * = him/her.

Codes are automatically converted to our new format when you import.

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